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This section of the Police Dog Home Page will provide you with resources that will download in PDF format or take you to links that will provide valuable insight in their respective areas of expertise.

Ken Wallentines Home Page - Xiphos is an excellent resource for all law enforcement.  Ken’s vast knowledge base provides an excellent resource of officers in all fields of policing as well as K9 applications.

There are new case law updates occurring in the various court systems regularly. It is important that officers ensure they keep up to date with the latest decisions in their jurisdictional boundaries. Terry Fleck has made it a personal endeavor to ensure officers are consistently up to date with the latest in case law. Terry has been with Eden & Ney Associates since 1992 and his program is an integral part of the instruction given at every conference.

K9 Case Law Updates by Eden Consulting Group Instructor Terry Fleck

The following link will take you to our page that displays various state statutes designed to protect police service dogs. If you are aware of a statute we do not have, please email us a copy and we will ensure it gets placed online.

State Statutes Protecting Police Dogs - Various statutes designed to protect police service dogs.

Bark and Hold Research (Clicking on link will open an Adobe PDF file) - Research by Dr. Charles Mesloh comparing agencies deploying bark and hold dogs to agencies deploying handler control (bite and hold) dogs. The study attempts to determine whether the application of bark and hold dogs will reduce the number of suspects bitten by police dogs.

Van Ness  Bogardus Research (Click on link to download the complete ZIP file) - Van Ness Bogardus is a retired police officer who has made a name for himself testifying against law enforcement since his retirement.  This file contains over 2360 pages of public information, courtroom testimony and disclosures all related to Mr. Bogardus.  If your agency is involved in any type of case that Mr. Bogardus is involved in this file will be a valuable resource for you.

Mr. Bogardus claims to be a use of force expert as well as a canine training expert.  This documentation exposes the truth behind Mr. Bogardus’s claims and should be considered by any agency that is caught up in any lawsuit or testimony where Mr. Bogardus is called as a witness. The facts, a vast number provided in his own handwriting as a result of him justifying his own many uses of force, speak for themselves and easily provide evidence that can be put to Mr. Bogardus on the stand.


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