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K9 Administration & Management

Administrating A K9 Unit
Administration Considerations - Vendors vs Agency Training
Van Bogardus claims Dogs are Deadly Force
Rebuttal to Bogardus Mis-information
K9 Legal Updates For Supervisors & Administrators Terry Fleck
Taking a Bite Out of Crime - Risk Management for Police Canine Programs
The Dog Day Traffic Stop - Basic Canine Search and Seizure
Concerns Involving City Risk Management

Criminal Apprehension Training Techniques

Agitation Muzzle in Police Dog Training
Handler Control vs Bark and Hold Apprehension Techniques - R. Eden
More Than Just A Sleeve - Dr. Steve Mackenzie PhD.
Self Out - Clean Bitework Everytime!.
Bite & Hold vs Bark & Hold - Florida Study by Dr. Charles Mesloh PDF Format
Patrol Officers & K9 Units as a Team - Containment & Partnership

K9 Officer Survival

Containment Techniques For Patrol
Criminal Psychological Profiles Of Fleeing Suspects
Effects Of Pepper Spray On The Police K9
CS/Smoke Information Guide
Extended Confrontation K9 Training
Firearms Training Systems (FATS) for K9 Training
Hotwall - Coldwall Phenomenon in Building Searches
Introducing Your K9 to OC Spray - Bob Wright
Improving Reactions To Lethal Force
K9 Officers Approach To Blood Contaminated Scenes - Cautions re: Source of Odor
K9 Officers Guide To Dealing With Deadly Force Issues - The Aftermath
K9 & SWAT Applications
K9 Team Stress Management
Mental Preparation
Putting Teeth Into Your Tactics - Eldon Ball & Paul Ford

General Legal Information

Accidental Bites - Terry Fleck
Agency Liability Issues - Terry Fleck
Cadaver Dogs - Terry Fleck
FLSA Information - Terry Fleck
Police Service Dogs are not ADA Dogs - Terry Fleck

Scent & Tracking Related Issues

Use of Police Service Dogs in Locating Crime Scenes & Related Evidence - Bob Wright
Scent Lineup Article - Police Practice Detection Dog Lineup - Guy J. Hargreaves
Scent - Pheremones & Odor - Bill Syrotuk
Theory Of Scent - The K9 Olfactory System - Bill Syrotuk
Tracking Dog Evidence
Tracking Techniques - Officer Survival Issues
Online vs Offline Tracking

K9 Care & Maintenance

Care & Feeding Tips - Jim Faggiano
Narcotics,Explosives & General Poison Antidotes - Bob Eden
Leptospirosis - A Threat to the Police Working Dog? - Bob Wright

General Training Information

Pack Instincts - Basics Of K9 Behavior - Bob Eden
Learning Concepts Bob Eden
Retiring Your Police Service Dog - Steve White
Reading & Understanding K9 Behavior Language - Bob Eden
Selecting And Raising The Potential Police Pup - Bob Eden
The K9 Mission
Training Tips!

More advanced information on these subjects is available during training sessions at the International Police K9 Conferences held annually in various locations throughout North America.


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