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Night Tacticals

Eden Consulting Group takes pride in the quality and depth of our training. The work ethic and knowledge base of our instructor team is one of the finest in the world. At the completion of many of our programs we frequently ask for feedback from the officers who have attended so that we can continue to improve our programs and stay on the cutting edge of the law enforcement K9 field. These evaluations can be anonymous to ensure that the feedback we get is accurate and objective, however many officers choose to sign their evals to ensure we know they are sincere in their comments. Here are a few comments from evaluations received from past programs:

“If you have never been to one of these conferences (this was my 1st one), the only thing I have to say is beg, plead, borrow, do anything you can to attend. The instructors were great, and humble. It's refreshing to know that you can go to a seminar and not have people bad mouth other trainers. Each instructor that I dealt with had a plethera of information to hand out, AND, the instruction that was given was not "here, try this", but several things to try to see if they work for you. The information was shared, not hoarded like secretive information. Bob and his associates really go the extra mile to make sure that problems are assessed and not forgotten. I have trained with some of the best trainers in the world, and have learned things that other new handlers did not. You will learn something at this conference. This will be the best conference that you can attend, and I would recommend it to anyone.

There were people that came down to Florida from Illinois, Michigan, Alabama, Canada, Coast Guard. That should say something that people are willing to drive thousands of miles to attend.“

Officer John Reddick
Stuart (Florida) Police Department


  • “Each Instructor was able to communicate well with the students. They gave us respect and a large amount of knowledge. It made me think!”“All Instuctors taught from the heart and were very enthusiastic.”
  • “Very Good! Each Instructor took the time to deal one on one with handlers and dogs.”
  • “The Instructors held interest in the classroom by offering problem solving solutinos and kept the interest level high.”
  • “All positive comments. It was an incredible experience.”
  • “The Instructors are always positive and kept the instruction moving.”
  • “The Instructors abilities as speakers are second to none. Their knowledge level is the highest I have ever seen.”
  • “The course is very relevant and both myself and my K9 are leaving the course with some new skills and experience.”
  • “How can you improve on outstanding? Keep up the good work! I’m going to try to get all of my unit to attend this course.”
  • “All instructors were very enthusiastic about their instruction and the subjects they were teaching. This is the best K9 program I have ever been to in 9 years.”
  • “The instructors were both very good and attentive to the needs of the students to improve their dogs performance , as well as their own (students).”
  • “Bob and all of the instructors know a great deal about the courses they teach and demonstrate the ability to relate it to others in an easy way that we can all understand.”
  • “Very informative and actually renews different interests in training patrol K9’s.”
  • “Best K9 school I have been to since Lackland in 1978.”
  • “I was very impressed with the training and scenarios. All of the instructors were excellent in the K9 field and very helpful with problems.”
  • “Each instructor gave me a positive objective on how I could improve as a K9 handler. It will save my life!”
  • “The best is that the instructors let you think and allowed my thought processes to work.”
  • “Excellent! With current events throughout the nation; would enjoy seeing more classes and explosives.”
  • “With your success and dedication from your first (explosives) programs, this block will be outstanding as you do more. I learned from this class and will take it home.”
  • “All instructors full of knowledge and extremely open to share the inforamtion. Almost too much information at one time; in a good way. Total mind saturation. Class “A”. Don’t change a thing!”
  • “All of the instructor’s speaking ability was outstanding during both the hands on training and the classroom work.”
  • “Out of a one to ten rating scale I would have to rate the instructors with a 15!”
  • “Overall opinion was above expectations and I look forward to attending another seminar.”
  • “The knowlege and passion for the subject matter made the classes extremely interesting.”
  • “Excellent! Real life situations. Good for real life road patrol.”
  • “I need my command to take this course!”
  • “Very good rating. This has been the best conference I have been to so far!”
  • “This is my second time I have attended and I still was able to learn more and different things.”