“Intense, real world training with North America’s top K9 trainers”


This is a list of items that we recommend you bring with you for the conference. Keep in mind that we like to train in the same manner that we work. For example, when training, we would like you to be in full gear as you would be on the street, including uniforms, vests, etc. Duty sidearms, leather, cuffs etc. are required. Detector Dog Teams ensure you bring any training aids specific to your profile.

The following items are required for PATROL DOG HANDLERS only:

1. Full working uniform for training.

2. One uniform that can be contaminated during chemical munitions deployments. Also, keep in mind that you may be shot by paint pellets during training exercises. (Prior to these exercises you will be advised to be in your older gear.)

3. Bullet Resistant Vest. This is a must for all officers working firearms routines on the range.

4. Duty flashlight. Rechargeable with charger if possible.

5. Duty belt and gear, weapon, AS WELL AS A WORKING GAS MASK...check your filters.

6. Rain gear. (Just in case)

7. Dog muzzle and tracking harness for patrol dog handlers.

8. Ear and eye protection. (For firearms range)

9. Patrol dog handlers will require 300 rounds of ammunition. Reloads are fine.

Following items are recommended for ALL K9 handlers and a list of reminders for you.

1. Street clothes, swimming gear.

2. Dog food.

3. Dog feeding and watering pans.

4. K9 first aid kit.

5. Drug antidote kits for drug dog handlers.

6. Extra money for meals, and evenings out.

7. Cameras - We encourage you to videotape any aspects of the conference you wish to.


• Dogs must be kenneled in their vehicles, or portable kennels when not in the presence of their handlers. Whenever your dog is left in a room alone at the hotel they must be crated.

• Handlers must clean up after their own dogs.

• Aggression training and K9 Man-Work must take place at the assigned training areas and not on hotel site unless under the direct supervision of one of the academy instructors. The hotel will also have other guests staying at the facility.

• Regular duty uniforms will be required during all tactical training phases. Vests and full duty gear will be required during the range exercises and training scenarios. Administrators are welcome to wear civilian clothes.

• Participants must wear a protective body armor vest, ear protection, and eye protection while at the range.

• Must be checked in by no later than 1800 hours on the Sunday prior to the conference start. There will be a meeting at 1900 hours at the Hotel to prep you for the weeks events.